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Genomics Core at VCU

The Nucleic Acids Research Facilities (NARF) were founded in 1986 as a research resource and since then have provided nucleic acids-related services to all VCU investigators and occasional external users. The Genomics Core was created as a subcore of the NARF in 2006 to house VCU's next-generation sequencing platforms and services. Our mission is to:

  • facilitate cutting-edge genomics research, assisting users in preparing proposals and publications
  • consult and provide expert assistance for experimental design and sample preparation
  • provide high-throughput sequencing services efficiently and at low cost to users
  • streamline data analysis for our users by providing primary bioinformatics analyses

We support massively parallel high-throughput sequencing using our Illumina, Pacific BioSciences, Roche, and Life Technologies sequencing platforms. We also operate a BioNano Irys, which provides whole genome optical mapping to identify structural variations including translocations, indels, inversions, copy number variations, etc. in chromosome-sized molecules in target genomes. The combined data yield of these instruments allows the Genomics Core to provide sequencing capacity for both small and large projects.



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