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Cultural Cooking Demos [View Image]

Intercultural Festival showcases cultural cooking demos

Contact: Nicol Tinsley
Global Education Office

Richmond, VA (June 3, 2021) — Three Virginia Commonwealth University international students showcased their culinary talents during the university's Intercultural Festival last month. The festival, held annually each spring, is a student-organized event dedicated to celebrating the cultural diversity of VCU and the surrounding community.

During the festival which was held virtually this year, Baotran Yo prepared fresh spring rolls and a dipping sauce, a Vietnemese appetizer; Saheli Das taught viewers how to cook mustard fish and prawns, a specialty from India; and Lindai Xie prepared a spicy hot pot with squid and pork, in addition to giving a presentation exploring many aspects of Chinese culture and food.

Take a look at the presentations, get your ingredients and prepare these delicious dishes in your own kitchen!


Baotran Vo
Country: Vietnam
Dish: Fresh Spring Rolls

Baotran demonstrated how to prepare the Vietnamese appetizer,
fresh spring rolls. She taught the virtual class how to make this easy dish, complete with the accompanying dipping sauce.

Spring Roll [View Image]


rice paper wrapper

thin rice noodles

large shrimp

butter lettuce



bean sprouts

cilantro and mint

Dipping sauce

Hoisin sauce

garlic chili sauce

peanut butter


brown sugar



Saheli Das
Country: India
Dish: Mustard Fish and Prawns

Saheli demonstrated how to prepare mustard fish and prawns, providing suggestions of the best fish to use for the recipe.

mustard-fish-prawn [View Image]



1.5 -2 lb white fish

1 lb. prawns

(raw and deveined)

mustard oil

Season to taste:

mustard powder

whole black mustard seed

whole yellow mustard seed

shredded coconut/coconut milk

green thai chilis




turmeric powder

whole bay leaf

whole green cardamom

whole cinnamon

whole clove

Nigela seeds/Kalonji

1 lb. tomatoes

fresh ginger

Lindai Xie
Country: China
Dish: Spicy Hot Pot

Lindai demonstrated how to prepare the Chinese dish, spicy hot pot, also providing an informative presentation on the Chinese cuisines of varying provinces, the best restaurants found in Richmond, an overview of myths about China and an interesting explanation of Chinese tea culture's "finger tap rules."

Spicy-Pot [View Image]





hot pot  seasoning

green onion





white sesame

pork belly

crab stick


Chinese cabbage

rice cakes

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