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VCU Globe Faculty Fellows

VCU Globe Faculty Fellows interact with VCU Globe staff and students as instructors of a VCU Globe Seminar. Fellows may also engage in a number of scholarly initiatives, including grant writing, faculty learning communities, faculty scholarship communities, and professional presentations and publications.  

Seminars taught by Faculty Fellows cover a variety of topics. They are intended to develop students’ abilities to navigate cultural and personal borders, with particular reference to professional goals and plans; expose students to a wide range of individuals and groups of people, providing them direct and meaningful contact with worldviews and experiences different from their own; and foster awareness of the skills required of a global citizen within relevant professional fields.

For more information and to apply, visit VCU Globe Faculty Fellows

Meet the 2018-19 Faculty Fellow


Previous seminar topics

  • The Refugee Experience
  • A Global Fashion Perspective
  • The Art of Change: How to Build Business Models that Can Change the World
  • Forging Cultures of Resilience — An analysis of post-Apartheid KwaZulu Natal, South Africa and post-Civil Rights Richmond VA
  • Community Health Promotion in Global Environments and Cultural Contexts
  • Global Risk: The Impact of Individual, Community, Corporate and Government Choices
  • Social Media and the Global Agenda
  • Global Terrorism
  • The Global Palate
  • Cash, (BIT)Coin, or Cow? Exploring Global Moneyscapes
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