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1st place:

“Multimodal Patient Feedback System to Reduce MRI Chest Scanning Duration”
Team members:
Anica Huang, VCU biomedical engineering
Tajinder Sundhu, VCU biomedical engineering

2nd place:

“Q2Connect: A preventative measure solution for pressure ulcers in hospitalizations and optimization of accountability in healthcare”
Team members:
Rohan Ray, VCU computer science
Angela Nguyen, VCU chemistry
Kimberly Pham, VCU computer engineering
Naomi Ghahrai, VCU chemistry

3rd place:

“ProSEN: Smart Monitoring for Your Prosthetic”
Team members:
Anisha Beladia, VCU biomedical engineering
Nina Mei Brooks, University of Virginia biomedical engineering
Josephine Johannes, University of Virginia biomedical engineering
Madhura Managoli, VCU biomedical engineering


What is HealthHacks?

HealthHacks is a student-led 24-hour medical hackathon where students create innovative solutions to real-world challenges presented by clinical and industry professionals. HealthHacks focuses on three areas: product innovation, improving care and patient experience. Due to COVID-19 policies, the fifth annual HealthHacks event will take place virtually on March 27–28, 2021. Information on logging into the HealthHacks virtual event will be sent to registrants the day before the event. Check your email for additional information.

While one of only a few medical hackathons in the U.S., HealthHacks is rare by focusing predominantly on medical device product innovation. Interdisciplinary teams of students with backgrounds in engineering, business and science are encouraged to think of their own solutions and develop projects with the potential to succeed in the market. After the event, VCU’s Pre-Accelerator program provides support to successful teams, enabling students to further develop their products and ideas and bring them to market.

This year’s theme:

This year, HealthHacks will have multiple tracks of challenges in place of an overall theme. Sponsors are asked to submit real-world problems and challenges for students to solve. These challenges will then be sorted into categorized tracks. This new system will allow for a wider range of topics to be covered and ensure that the most important current medical challenges are addressed.




What is Rapid Prototyping?

At HealthHacks, our motto is aligned with VCU's "Make it Real". If a team chooses to conquer product design, hospital throughput, or patient experience, each team will end the hackathon with a concrete prototype in some form, whether it be physical foam, 3D printed plastic, manipulation of an existing provided device, a new phone app, or a program. We will have mentors from all fields: engineering to medicine to industry, helping guide teams to develop their solutions.


Have you been approached about being a faculty mentor at HealthHacks? Please use the link below to register.

Mentorship Registration


HealthHacks is looking for volunteers to make the weekend a success. Click below to sign up.


Saturday, March 27, 2021

8am – 10am: Online event check in

10am – 11am: Opening Ceremony and Challenge Pitching

11am – 1am: Team formation and Brainstorming

Noon: Virtual Break for Lunch

3pm – 3:30pm: Workshop 1

6pm: Virtual Break for Dinner

7pm – 7:30pm: Workshop 2

9pm – 9:30pm: Fun Mini-event

Sunday, March 28, 2021

11:45am: Submissions Due

2pm – 3pm: Judging

3pm – 4pm: Mini-Event, Setting up closing ceremony

4pm – 5pm: Closing ceremony and Awards

Frequently Asked Questions

Updates for HealthHacks 21 Virtual Event

HealthHacks21 will be taking place virtually, conducted through Zoom and Slack. The event will NOT be taking place in the College of Engineering as it has past years. The VCU student code of conduct will still be in effect during the event. HealthHacks will not be able to provide any food or swag to participants this year, but hackers are encouraged to take breaks throughout the event. Healthhacks will also not be able to provide hardware for the event this year. Hackers are encouraged to use any materials at their disposal and/or create non-physical prototypes and designs to present.

The opening/closing ceremony as well as workshops, mini-event, and judging will all be conducted virtually through Zoom. Awards and Prizes will still be given to winning teams and will be shipped after the event. Information on logging into the HealthHacks virtual event will be sent to registrants the day before the event. Check your email for additional information.

Who can participate?

Attendees must be an undergraduate or graduate student enrolled in a college or university, and must agree to the MLH Code of Conduct.

Do I need to know how to code?

Nope! Medical innovation relies heavily on interdisciplinary collaboration, so students from all disciplines are welcome. In fact, the skills of an art, business, or medical student can really help your team’s work stand out from the crowd.

Is HealthHacks a safe space?

Major League Hacking (MLH) and Virginia Commonwealth University (VCU) stand for inclusivity. We believe that every single person has the right to hack in a safe and welcoming environment. Learn more about the MLH Code of Conduct.

Is this a team event?

Either build your own team, or come meet students from a variety of fields and we’ll help you find a team that can utilize your skills. Teams should have no more than 4 people

Will event transportation be available?

No. Please provide your own transportation.

Will we be working the whole time?

Nope! Come have fun with similarly-minded people! We have several food breaks that highlight some of Richmond’s best cuisine, and we’ll have games and cool new tech to mess around with when you need a break from work! Additionally, there will be physician lectures throughout the event that will include cool clinical cases, as well as a student workshop on Saturday night with an engineering/design focus

What do I need to bring to the event?

Don't forget a valid ID and a sleeping bag if you are planning to stay overnight. If you have hacking equipment, feel free to bring it.

What if I don't have hardware?

Hardware will be available to rent for the weekend. Mentors will be available for technical guidance and to troubleshoot. Come to HealthHacks especially if you don't know anything about hardware or 3D printing and want to learn!


HealthHacks would not exist without great sponsors. The event is an excellent opportunity to connect with and evaluate talent. You’ll see how the next generation of leaders can scope and creatively solve problems under pressure.

Sponsorship Levels:

Platinum $15,000

  • Event Co-Host
  • Give or Sponsor a Keynote speech
  • Have a dinner named after your company (Limited to 1)*
  • Top T-shirt logo placement

Includes all the benefits of the gold, silver, bronze, and supporter packages, with the exception of a named meal.

Gold $10,000

  • Create a Challenge for the event
  • Give or Sponsor a Tutorial Session, Tech Talk, or Workshop
  • Have a lunch named after your company (Limited to 2)*
  • Priority T-shirt logo placement

Includes all the benefits of the silver, bronze, and supporter packages, with the exception of a named meal.

Silver $5,000

  • Host a Tutorial Session, Tech Talk, or Workshop
  • Have a breakfast named after your company (Limited to 2)*
  • Prominent T-shirt logo placement

Includes all the benefits of the bronze and supporter packages.

Bronze $2,500

  • Representative & booth at the event
  • Judge entries

Includes all the benefits of the supporter package.

Supporter $1,000

Show Your Support with a Presence at the Event

  • Logo on t-shirts
  • Access to participant resumes

Contact Us About Becoming A Sponsor:

For information about becoming a sponsor, please view the 2021 HealthHacks Packet.

To get in touch about becoming a sponsor, please contact HealthHacks at or call (804)828-0349.

2021 Partnerships

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