Defining Experience: Honors Internships

The Student Experience

In the Honors College, we don't take a one-size-fits-all approach to internships. Rather, we work with our students to find the opportunities that are right for them. Students are encouraged to push themselves academically and exercise critical thinking while exploring topics of interest to them through stimulating, challenging, and engaging internship opportunities with one of our VCU or community partners, or through an approved external employer.

Here are a few reasons why our students loved their internships and how they truly made the most of their internship opportunities.

“I recommend an Honors internship because it was a great way to see whether my degree path was a good fit for me. I ended up really enjoying it and I’m now applying for a position directly related to the environment in which I worked.”

Christina Bennett, Biology & Psychology
Accountable Health Communities Intern, VCU Health

“I chose an internship instead of taking another class for college credit to apply my classroom knowledge in the real world while learning more about my own career ambitions. As a Policy Research Intern for VCU Health, I was given first hand experience looking at the intersection of health care policy, hospital administration, and population health within VCU.”

Nira Harikrishnan, Economics & Political Science
VCUHeal Intern, VCU Health

“As an adult student returning to college for a career change, I've harbored a little anxiety about whether I chose the right major and if I'm able to do the work required of me, so having real world work experience where I got to flex these new muscles was really important to me. It was also an amazing opportunity to network and make new connections!”

Sara Huffman, Mass Communications
VCU School of Education intern

Read more about Sara Huffman's internship with the VCU School of Education!

Choose your path

We offer a range of internship opportunities, providing students the chance to expand upon skills they're currently developing through their academic major or explore another interest of theirs.

Below are some of our main internship employers who hire throughout the academic calendar year. Don't see the right opportunity for you? Check out our growing list of additional employers! The list is regularly updated, so be sure to keep checking back over the course of the academic year.

An Employer's Perspective

Students aren't the only ones who enjoy and benefit from Honors internship opportunities! Check out some of the advice for prospective interns and the personal takeaways our employers have gained from their time supervising Honors interns.

“More than ever, employers are in need of creative, driven employees who have “hands-on” experience. Interns are forced to think critically, write effectively, and solve concrete problems affecting real people. These experiences are crucial to prepare students for their careers.”

Benjamin Paul, Senior Health Policy Analyst
VCU Health Systems

“I enjoy offering internships to students because it provides them with the ability to apply and build upon the theoretical knowledge they have developed in their studies. This is a great opportunity for students to gain the practical knowledge and develop the skills that are needed to function in a professional environment.”

Virgil C. Phillips Jr., Program Coordinator, Accountable Health Communities
VCU Health Systems

“To make the most of an internship, I find interns must have an open mind to learning and challenging their previous knowledge, interested in professional feedback, willingness to be self-driven and above all, curious and excited to create and build something new that adds value to our wider community. ”

Jenna Lenhardt, Ph.D., Recruitment Specialist
VCU School of Education
Office of Strategic Communications and Enrollment Management

Interested in defining your own experience through an Honors internship? Learn more about our internship requirements and policies.

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