The Virginias Collegiate Honors Council (VCHC) is made up of universities, colleges, and community colleges that span from Virginia through West Virginia. VCHC is designed to promote exceptional scholarly works and publications by Honors students, who are then invited by VCHC to participate in their annual Spring Honors Conference. Presentations can include results from Honors projects, independent undergraduate research projects, or original works, such as art and literature.

Due to COVID-19, the 2020 VCHC Conference was cancelled. In place of in-person presentations, all participants were invited to submit their presentation materials for inclusion in the 2020 VCHC Conference Proceedings on the Digital Commons at Old Dominion University.

The VCU Honors College recognizes the following Honors students for their acceptance to the 2020 VCHC Conference. Their presentation materials can be accessed via the following links.

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