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Anna Mitchell

Major: Music Education

Hometown: Prince George County, VA

Favorite Honors Course: My favorite course so far has been World Events as Depicted in Broadway Musicals! I loved getting the chance to learn about historically significant shows in the musical theatre repertoire and share my love for musical theatre with some of my fellow Honors students. The professor, Dr. Smith, is also super charismatic and always made class fun!

Favorite Honors Memory: I loved getting the chance to attend Wind Down Wednesdays while living in Honors. I loved getting the chance to do arts and crafts—one of my favorite pastimes—while strengthening my relationships with some of my Honors friends and even making new friends throughout the year! Two of my closest friends and I attended Wind Down Wednesday nearly every week, rarely missing a day, and I had such a fun experience attending Wind Down Wednesdays that I’m going to try to make it to future sessions, despite no longer living in Honors.

Student Organizations: VCU Symphony, the VCU chapter of ASTA (the American String Teachers Association), Le Monde, Honors Student Executive Board, HONR 150: Flourishing Teaching Assistant for Fall 2020

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