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Human Resources

Career development planning

Employees are expected to identify and actively participate in their own career development as well as work with their manager to track their progress. To support employees in realizing their full potential, managers are expected to facilitate employees’ pursuit of career interests, adopt practices that promote career development throughout their area and allow employee participation in appropriate opportunities for learning and growth. Career development plans are required for Classified and University and Academic Professional employees, with a minimum of one career development goal. This goal is separate from the performance management goals that are entered in Talent@VCU during the performance review. The career development goal is collaboratively created between the employee and the manager. The plan is also located in Talent@VCU and due by January 31, 2020.

We want our employees to consider a long-term career at VCU and proactive career planning is key! Career planning is a collaborative process between the employee and managers, allowing employees to focus on their needs for growth and development. Managers can provide assistance so that employees have the opportunity to grow in his or her career. Personal learning and career development offers opportunities for advancement, which creates a win-win environment for employees and managers. It is less costly and more productive to retain and develop quality employees. Resources have been created to support employees and managers with career planning tools to become more knowledgeable of career development at VCU. The Career Development Plan and the Career Development e-Learning Module can be accessed through Talent@VCU.

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