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Annual service recognition celebration

The annual Service Recognition Celebration, which was originally scheduled to take place in October of 2020, will now take place in March. This event dedicated to honoring our dedicated, hardworking VCU and VCU Health employees for their years of service, will be held virtually on March 23, 2021 at 3 pm.

All recipients who reach service dates in five year increments between October 1, 2019 and September 30, 2020 will receive an email from Dr. Rao, President of VCU and VCU Health System around February 19th. That email will have information on the virtual event as well as the process to order service pins (5-15 years) or gifts (20-60 years). To receive your service pin or gift, you MUST follow the instructions from the gift vendor and order on line. Pins and gifts will not be automatically sent to everyone. 

Will you be recognized this year? Check out the list here: VCU and VCU Health employees reaching service date milestones in 2020. For any questions regarding this list please contact Cindi Phares at (VCU) or Todd Noebel at (VCUHS). 

We believe our greatest asset is and will always be our employees and we are proud of the years of service each one has provided to VCU and the continued relationship we have. We look forward to celebrating together!


Each year, formal tribute is made acknowledging employee service (in five-year increments). 2020 marks the 49th annual service recognition celebration for VCU and VCU Health faculty and staff with 5 to 55 years of service. 

[View Image]Eligibility

Service awards eligibility is calculated from award eligible service only and may not reflect an individuals total state service. For example:

  • Any paid service (including hourly service) at VCU and the VCU Health System is included in calculating eligibility for recognition.
  • Service earned at other state agencies/higher education institutions is not included in calculating eligibility for recognition.

Adjunct Service
Adjunct service counts towards service award eligibility. The employing department/dean's office must notify HR of the eligible service of adjunct employees. Contact Cindi Phares (contact information is below) for more information on calculating adjunct service.

[View Image]Questions regarding service awards:

  • For the university - contact Cindi Phares at or call 828-1521
  • For VCU Health - contact or call 628-HR4U (4748) or toll free (844) 989-HR4U (4748)


 Service Recognition Celebration 2019

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