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HUMS 202 – Choices in a Consumer Society
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Grading Policies

  1. Video Lesson Modules are graded on the basis of whether they are successfully completed or not ("successful" means 100% completion with a Quiz Score of 80% or higher). Proof of successfull completion of the Video Lesson Modules will be required and will be requested as a part of a "Module Test" in Blackboard. While all assigned Video Lesson Modules must be successfully completed to pass HUMS 202, their completion does not affect the numerical grade aspect of the course.
  2. Module Tests in Blackboard consist of multiple-choice and true/false questions; thus, individual questions are graded as either correct or incorrect. There is no partial credit possible on test questions. Module Tests must be completed within 30 minutes of when they were started. Each question is worth ten points, and each Module Test consists of ten questions; thus, each Module Test is worth 100 points. A minimum score of 60 points is required on each and every Module Test in order to earn a passing grade in HUMS 202.
  3. Each Module Test may be taken up to two times, and the highest score is recorded in the grade book. If a student fails a test twice (scores below 60 points twice), then the student has earned a failing grade for HUMS 202. If desired, the student may request a third attempt on any single Module Test. Provided the student meets the requirements for a third attempt (typically a research paper related to the course work), then a third attempt may be granted by the course coordinator. No more than a single third attempt may be granted to a student, and no fourth attempts will ever be granted.
  4. Any unapproved or non-course-related mass emails sent to the students enrolled in the course will earn the sender a 200-point penalty assessed towards the total course score. Two such penalties will result in an automatic failing grade in the course.
  5. The total course score is the sum of the Module Test scores minus any 200-point penalties (see #4, above). A total course score of 70% of the total possible Module Test points or higher is required in order to earn a passing grade in HUMS 202.
  6. In order to pass HUMS 202, a student MUST successfully complete all assigned Video Lesson Modules (and submit the required proof), score a minimum grade of 60 on each of the Module Tests in Blackboard, and earn a total course score that is 70% (or higher) of the total possible Module Test points.
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