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HUMS 202 – Choices in a Consumer Society
 How Does HUMS 202 Work?  
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 Course Information
    Welcome to HUMS 202
    What is HUMS 202?
    Course Description
Course Policies
    Deadline to Add Course
    Grading Policies
Tips for Success
    How Does HUMS 202 Work?
    How to Pass the Course
    Consumer Literacy Articles
    System Requirements
    Money Smart Support
External Links
    MoneySmart Info Booth
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How Does HUMS 202 Work?

  1. Read (yes, actually read...don't skim) all of the course requirements and information in every section in the Blackboard area for the section of HUMS 202 in which you are enrolled. This area in Blackboard is typically available from the first day of classes to the end of final exams for any given semester. Be sure to complete Module Test #0 (retake if needed until your score is 100%) before you continue with the course.
  2. Ensure that your computer set-up meets or exceeds the system requirements for the course.
  3. In the "Video Lesson Modules" section of Blackboard, read the articles in "Pre-Course Readings".
  4. In the "Video Lesson Modules" section of Blackboard, follow the link on "How to access the FDIC Money Smart materials".
  5. READ the instructions listed in the "Click here to access the Money Smart video lesson modules" area BEFORE you click the link. When you create your account, please follow those instructions EXACTLY, or you will not earn credit for your work. Note: If you are retaking the course, you'll need to create a new account with Money Smart...work from previous accounts will not be accepted.
  6. Complete the first lesson "Bank On It" in the Adult Learner Course at the Money Smart web site. Use the navigation buttons at the bottom of the window to navigate through the slides (go back if any slides skip ahead...you must complete ALL slides, including any surveys at the end, in order to earn 100% completion on the lesson). Check the list of lessons to be sure that a green check-mark is displayed after the name of the lesson as well as "Quiz Score: xx%", where "xx%" is 80% or higher. If you do not see the green check-mark, not all slides were completed, so go back and finish all slides (until you get to the final slide and press the button to end the lesson). If your Quiz Score is less than 80%, go back and redo the lesson until your Quiz Score is 80% or higher. Once your Quiz Score is 80% or higher, you cannot increase it...this is a feature of the software.
  7. Once you have successfully completed the "Bank On It" video lesson module with a Quiz Score of 80% or higher, you should then go to the "Module Tests" section in Blackboard and take "Module 1 Test: Bank On It". You have 30 minutes once you begin the test in order to submit your final answers. If you lose your Internet connection, you may restart the test as long as you are still within the aforementioned 30-minute window. You must score 60 points or higher on the test. If you score less than 60 points, you should NOT immediately retake the test (if you didn't know the material a few minutes before, you still don't know it). Instead, you should review the material and/or the video lesson module and then retake the test in Blackboard. You get two attempts to score 60 points or higher on each test.
  8. Repeat steps (6) and (7) for the remaining assigned video lesson modules at the Money Smart web site.
  9. If you fail to score 60 points or higher after your two permitted attempts on one of the Module Tests, contact Dr. Street (course coordinator) and ask him for a third attempt. He'll likely require some sort of research paper related to course material before he grants your request. He will only do this for one Module Test...failing to score 60 points or higher on two or more Module Tests will result in a course grade of "F".
  10. Submit the required screenshot showing that you successfully completed all of the assigned Money Smart video lesson modules. A special assignment will be located at the end of the list in the "Module Tests" section in Blackboard for your screenshot, and directions for taking screenshots will be in the assignment description along with a link to a helpful website: take-a-screenshot.org.
  11. Complete all course requirements by 5:00 PM on the last Thursday of classes for the semester (the earlier in the semester you complete all course requirements, the better). Final course grades will be posted in eServices (NOT in Blackboard) by the end of the final exam period.
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