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HUMS 202 – Choices in a Consumer Society
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Requirements to Pass this class

In order to pass HUMS 202, you must satisfy ALL THREE of the following (each and every one):

  1. Complete (100% completion) the first Money Smart lesson module (interactive video lesson) with a Quiz Score of 80% or higher and then complete the corresponding "Module Test" in Blackboard. Repeat for the remaining lessons and tests until all assigned lessons and tests have been completed. Be sure to submit in the appropriate manner the requested proof of completion of the assigned Money Smart lessons.
  2. Earn a score of 100 on Test #0 and a score of 60 or higher on each and every one of the "Module Tests" in Blackboard. Even a single Module Test score below 60 will earn a failing grade in the course, so any such tests should be retaken.
  3. Have a total score of 70% (or higher) of the total possible Module Test points in the Blackboard gradebook at the end of the course.

There are typically over 2000 students in this course, so please do NOT ask the instructor if you've passed this course. You should be able to figure it out for yourself (i.e., if you properly submitted proof of completion for all of the assigned lessons and scored sufficiently high on Test #0 and on each of the Module Tests in Blackboard, then you've passed the course).

Determining Your Course Grade

Please so NOT ask the instructor to find out if you have passed the course or not. You can easily determine this on your own, and you are expected to do so. Go to the My Grades area of Blackboard (click the "Grades & Email" button in Blackboard's menu on the left). To find out how you did on multiple attempts at an assignment, just click the grade to access more info and any available feedback.

          Test #0: 100% (nothing less will count)
          Module 1 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 2 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 3 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 4 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 5 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 6 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 7 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 8 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 9 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 10 Test: 60 or higher
          Module 11 Test: 60 or higher
          Running Total: 60 or higher
          FINAL TEST: "Correct"

NOTE: If even one of your grades doesn't match what is above, then you'll earn a failing grade. If you have a Module Test score less than 60 after two attempts, you may ask the instructor for an extra assignment to earn a third attempt at that test (granted only once per student).

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