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Why IExcel Mentoring?

Get it off your mind

Whatever’s going on in your life today, share it with your mentor then hear their perspective.

Your aspirations realized

A spark or idea from talking with your mentor can sometimes be all it takes to get you going in the right direction.

Connections matter

Your mentor can become part of your growing professional network; a network that will become increasingly important as you get closer to graduation.

Best way to start?

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What the research says

Undergraduates who receive out-of-class mentoring from faculty demonstrated increased academic achievement.Terenzini, Psacarella, and Blimling 1996

After one year of mentoring by faculty, students with mentors have higher GPAs and are more likely to stay in college.Campbell and Campbell, 1997


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IExcel Mentoring consists of 18 mentoring networks that meet regularly, outside the classroom to share perspectives on a broad range of interests from dreams and aspirations, academics, current events, family, professional pursuits and other similar topics.Learn more

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Office of Institutional Equity, Effectiveness and Success
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Updated: 07/21/2021
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