Use of Mexican Workers Does Not Depress Farm Wages



Use of Mexican Workers Does Not Depress Farm Wages


This article compares the hourly wages of farm workers state-by-state, along with the number of Mexican workers employed in 1962.

The document's author states, "The current average hourly farm wage of the 21 States in which Mexican workers were used in 1962 is $1.13 per hour. The average of the 27 States in which no Mexican nationals were used in 1962 is $1.04 per hour...."

"One conclusion, however is obvious; that factors other than employment of Mexican nationals dominate in the establishment of farm wage rates and if there is any correlation whatever between the employment of Mexican nationals, or the number employed, and the level of farm wages in the various States, it is that farm wages tend to be higher in States where substantial numbers of Mexican workers are employed."




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Baylor University Libraries


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