Institutional Surveys

As part of VCU’s commitment to continuous improvement, Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (PIE) administers and analyzes several institutional surveys. These surveys provide insight into employee and student satisfaction and engagement. Results can be used by faculty and administrators for recruiting, setting priorities, planning, and demonstrating effectiveness.








Last Administration

National Survey of Student Engagement

First year students and seniors

Every 3 years since 2011
(annually before 2011)

Spring 2017

Noel Levitz Student Satisfaction Inventory

All undergraduate (Richmond); All students (Qatar)

Every 3 years since 2009

Fall 2018

Noel Levitz Adult Student Priorities Survey (ASPS)

All graduate and first professional

Every 3 years since 2009

Fall 2018

HERI Diverse Learning Environments

All students

Every two years

Spring 2018

GradLeaders The Outcomes Survey

All graduating students & recent graduates (up to 12 months post-graduation)

Ongoing since May 2014

Fall 2016

(This survey is no longer being administered) 

VCU Outcomes Survey

All graduating students & recent graduates (up to 6 months post-graduation

Ongoing since May 2017

May 2019

Great Place Initiative Climate Survey

All faculty and staff


Spring 2013

COACHE Faculty Survey

Tenured, tenure-track, and term faculty


Spring 2019

PIE performs an array of services related to institutional surveys, including working with the vendor to administer the survey, collaborating with campus partners to promote the survey, and analyzing, summarizing, and sharing results with stakeholders. Examples of analyses conducted by PIE include: examination of sub-group differences, analyses of changes over time, and analyses of items related to specific topics (e.g., advising, student affairs, etc.). Summary reports for the most recent surveys can be found by clicking on the surveys listed above.  


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