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La Esperanza research program at Virginia Commonwealth University directed by Oswaldo Moreno, Ph.D., aims to include doctoral students, undergraduate students and research support staff devoted to cultural and contextual approaches to understanding overall health, healthcare behaviors, as well as health care and mental health disparities. La Esperanza taps into the areas of ethnic minority psychology, Latina/o psychology, psychology of religion among ethnic minority individuals, and/or cultural, contextual and counseling psychology. We use both qualitative and quantitative methodologies that include community engagement, as well as community participatory and school-based research. In practice, La Esperanza's research involves both basic and applied science, with the ultimate goal of improving the lives and communities of ethnic minority individuals, especially those of the Latina/o population.

If you have comments or questions or are interested in collaborating with La Esperanza, we would love to hear from you. Please email Dr. Moreno at

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