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VCU Libraries publishes seminal book on RVA's racial politics
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Find relevant, rigorously researched astute analyses of the artform
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Digital project illustrates the Klan' alarming spread across the U.S. between 1915-1940.
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Publishing Support

VCU Libraries offers a variety of platforms and services to help researchers publish and publicize scholarly work. VCU Libraries' publishing model is based on trusted online open access so that scholarly work endures and gets wide exposure while the author retains attribution and rights. VCU Libraries is a member of the Library Publishing Coalition, an independent, community-led membership association of academic and research libraries and library consortia engaged in scholarly publishing.

Help with Scholarly Publishing

Journal Publishing 

VCU Libraries publishes a number of influential peer-reviewed journals that have editorial board connections to the university.  In addition, we offer publishing services to journal partners at VCU including digitization of back issues, DOI assignment, digital preservation, and dissemination. 

Journals include:

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Book Publishing

VCU Libraries book publishing includes digital reprints and original scholarship. The Scholarly Communications Department especially wants to hear from faculty who are eager to share their long-form scholarship or open educational resources. Book publishing services include ISBN/DOI assignment, author rights and rights reversion, digital preservation, editorial services, book chapter reprints, multiple formats and dissemination. 

Books include:

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Digital Scholarship

VCU Libraries' publishing capabilities include web-based projects developed in partnership with scholars and other subject matter experts, alongside preservation of underlying datasets in our repository. See also VCU Libraries Technology and Computing capabilities for access to tools and training for creating digital scholarship. 

Scholars Compass

VCU Scholars Compass is a publishing platform for the intellectual output of VCU’s academic, research and administrative communities. Its goal is to provide wide and stable access to the exemplary work of VCU’s faculty, researchers, students and staff. 

Scholars Compass hosts content that is produced, submitted or sponsored by VCU faculty, researchers or staff, and demonstrates scholarly, educational or research value. Presentations at professional conferences and publications in scholarly venues from graduate and professional students are encouraged. Other content produced or submitted by VCU students must be sponsored by VCU faculty, researchers, or staff.

Content housed in VCU Scholars Compass can include but is not limited to:

  • published or unpublished faculty research, presentations, technical reports and working papers;
  • open educational resources, instructional material and courseware
  • conference papers and proceedings;
  • multimedia;
  • administrative and policy documents;
  • theses and dissertations;
  • data sets;
  • software.

To learn more about publishing with VCU Libraries, contact at

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