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VCU Life Sciences co-hosts virtual discussion with Drs. Trani and Kneebone on their new book

February 5, 2021

VCU Life Sciences and VCU College of Humanities and Sciences co-hosted a virtual discussion with the authors of “Fulfilling the Promise, Virginia Commonwealth University and the City of Richmond, 1968-2009.” The discussion was introduced by Robert M. Tombes, Ph.D., vice provost of VCU Life Sciences and Research and moderated by John Ulmschneider, dean emeritus of Virginia Commonwealth University Libraries. The January 27 online event was open to the public.

Authors Eugene P. Trani, Ph.D., president emeritus of VCU and University Distinguished Professor, and John T. Kneebone, Ph.D., VCU associate professor of history emeritus, spoke of the history and their personal experiences in shaping the present-day VCU.

Proceeds from this book will be donated to the VCU Foundation in support of student scholarships. Purchase the book here.

From the publisher:

In “Fulfilling the Promise,” the authors tell the intriguing story of VCU and the context in which the university was forged and eventually thrived. Although VCU’s history is necessarily unique, Kneebone and Trani show how the issues shaping it are common to many urban institutions, from engaging with two-party politics in Virginia and African American political leadership in Richmond, to fraught neighborhood relations, the complexities of providing public health care at an academic health center, and an increasingly diverse student body. As a result, “Fulfilling the Promise” offers far more than a stale institutional saga. Rather, this definitive history of one urban-setting state university illuminates the past and future of American public higher education in the post-1960s era. 


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