Engineering Research Building

This 133,000 square foot research building will significantly expand the College of Engineering's laboratory capacity and serve as a collaboration hub for students and faculty. It will support advanced research and economic development with a design that emphasizes makerspaces, collaborative research facilities and flexible gathering areas.

Project Status: Currently under construction 

Location: Northeast corner of Cary and Belvidere streets, adjacent and connected to Snead Hall

Estimated Cost: $100.6 million

Where it was on the Six-Year Capital Plan: This project was listed in the 2016-2020 Six-Year Capital Plan

Estimated Timeline: Scheduled for completion Fall 2020

Funding Source: A combination of State funding, university funding, and private support

Primary Consultants: Kjellstrom & Lee (Construction Manager), Baskervill (Architect), Goody Clancy (Architect), Smith + McClane (Architect)

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