Mathematical modeling of intercellular calcium dynamics

November 13, 2016

Gregory-Smith [View Image]

Prof Gregory D. Smith
College of William & Mary
Friday, November 13, 2:00-2:50
Academic Learning Commons 2100

In most cell types the endoplasmic reticulum (ER) has integrative and
regenerative properties analogous to the excitable membranes of neurons.
Considerable insight into ER “calcium excitability” has been obtained through
the development of mathematical models of calcium signaling that are based
on molecular mechanisms and physical principles.
This colloquium will present an overview of the dynamics of local and global
calcium signaling in living cells and how these are studied using a variety of
mathematical modeling approaches. Of particular interest are the calcium
signals known as “calcium sparks” that couple electrical excitation to muscle
contraction during the cardiac cycle.

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