SIAM hosts BAMM conference

May 30, 2018BAMM Conference May 2018 Richmond Virginia [View Image]

The third BAMM (Biology And Medicine Through Mathematics!) conference was held in Richmond in May 2018. We enjoyed a wide range of dynamic plenary talks throughout the conference. We were honored to have a fantastic collection of plenary speaker. John Tyson from Virginia Tech gave the opening talk of the conference on the modeling and understanding the cell size control mechanism in yeast through exploration of regulatory proteins. Gerda de Vries, from University of Alberta presented another use of protein modeling to understand the organization of microtubule organization with motor proteins. Sebastian Schreiber from University of California, Davis spoke to the conference attendees about species coexistence in the face of uncertainty and the applications of this framework to other cooperative/competitive environments. And finally, Trachette Jackson from the University of Michigan presented an overview of her work on using mathematical modeling to optimize cancer therapies for the most effective outcome. 

We had about 100 attendees with 55 talks and 20 posters to round out the conference. Topics ranged from disease spread dynamics to models of human physiology to cancer dynamics to neurosciences to ecology. What we had initially envisioned as a local conference has continued to exceed our expectations with a vibrant group comprised of mathematicians from around the country, from undergraduate students on up. Everyone participated in a networking coffee break which allowed great opportunities for career conversations and idea sharing. The poster session (pictured) took place in VCU’s library event space and fostered further conversation and socializing.

The conference was supported by grants from NSF, SIAM and VCU, and was held in cooperation with AWM.

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