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David Chan, Ph.D.

Associate Professor
Harris Hall 4105


Ph.D. in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Biomathematics from NC State University

M.A. in Mathematics from the University of Maine

B.S. in Aerospace Engineering from Syracuse University


My research is in applied mathematics usually focusing modeling using discrete dynamical system applied to biological problems.


  1. R.J. Dyer, D.M. Chan, C. Meadows, V. Gardiakos. 2011. Pollination Graphs: Quantifying pollen pool covariance networks and the influence of intervening landscape on genetic connectivity in the North American understory tree, Cornus florida L. Land Ecology.
  2. J.M. Tchuenche, C. Chiyaka, D.M. Chan, A. Matthews, G. Mayer. 2010. A Mathematical Model for Antimalarial Drug Resistance. Mathematical Medicine and Biology.
  3. N.B. Menke, J.W. Cain, A.R. Reynolds, D.M. Chan, R.A. Segal, T.M. Witten, D.G. Bonchev, R.F. Diegelmann, K.R. Ward. 2009. An In Silico Approach to the Analysis of Acute Wound Healing. Wound Repair and Regeneration.
  4. H. Sedaghat, M.A. Wood, J.W. Cain, C.K. Cheng, C.M. Baumgarten, D.M. Chan. 2008. Complex temporal patterns of spontaneous initiation and termination of reentry in a loop of cardiac tissue. Journal of Theoretical Biology.
  5. D. M. Chan. 2006. Asymptotic Stability in Discrete Models for Iteroparous Species. Proceedings of the Conference on Differential \& Difference Equations and Applications.


SIAM, Society of Mathematical Biology


Member of the editorial board for the journal Theoretical Biology and Medical Modelling.

Member of the panel to review grants for the Jeffress Trust.

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