Topology and geometry are branches of pure mathematics that constitute a highly active area of central importance in the current mathematical landscape. Geometry is one of the most ancient academic disciplines. Geometers and topologists are concerned with the shape, size, and abstract properties of spaces and spatial relationships. Mathematical physicists give a rigorous mathematical framework to physical theories of the natural world.

Modern research in geometry, topology, and mathematical physics includes many sub-disciplines that employ techniques from neighboring branches of mathematics, including algebra and representation theory, combinatorics and discrete mathematics, or analysis.

Our research group has interests in algebraic geometry, low-dimensional topology and knot theory, geometric measure theory and analysis, string theory and conformal field theory. Members of our department also investigate the applications of these areas to the study of structures in theoretical physics, quantum computing, superconductivity, molecular biology, and materials science.

The Geometry, Topology and Math Physics research group holds an informal seminar and reading group on Fridays at 1:00PM in Harris Hall 4154b, with special guest seminars hosted periodically.

Meet the Geometry Gourp.

Marco Aldi, Ph.D.Director of Graduate Studies, Associate Professormaldi2@vcu.edu804.828.5974
Allison Moore, Ph.D.Assistant
Nicola Tarasca, Ph.D.Assistant
Ihsan Topaloglu, Ph.D.Assistant
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