Action: What We Are Doing

We are collaborating across our campus, health system and university to foster a welcoming community that supports and values people of all cultural backgrounds and life experiences and makes our medical school a more diverse and representative place to work.

Diversity is more than a structure that runs parallel to our priorities and mission — we strive to harness its power to drive excellence in our institution. History supports our belief that this work is not only valuable for underrepresented and marginalized communities. It opens up opportunities and possibilities for us all.

Publish a school-level DEI statement

Publish a meaningful DEI statment at a school levelOur statement

Appoint an interim chief diversity officer

   Meet Dr. Harris

Build a compendium of resources


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Remove the legacy checkbox on M.D. applications

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Designate a nondenominational prayer space for students and trainees on the MCV Campus

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Establish medical education work group to address the naming of academic societies and conduct a curriculum review regarding racism, bias, diversity, equity and inclusion

Address issues of racism and discrimination at VCU and in Richmond through new student orientation sessions called Crucial Conversations

Launch an annual DEI lecture series

  • Establish a School of Medicine Inclusion Council
  • Host an annual lecture on diversity and racial equity
  • Hire a permanent chief diversity officer
  • Remove icons on campus commemorating events, people and places with historical ties to racism or other forms of discrimination
  • Publish meaningful DEI statements at the department level
  • Diversify School of Medicine leadership, faculty and medical student body
  • Establish an Office of Diversity, Equity and Inclusion that promotes strong collaborations with the Offices of Medical Education, Admissions and Student Outreach and Faculty Affairs
  • Establish search committee training curriculum
  • Track and report hiring, recruiting and retention efforts
  • Increase scholarships
  • Promote community outreach and systemic changes
  • Engage in other opportunities as arise through the School of Medicine Inclusion Council
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