Aaron Barbour

Aaron Barbour [View Image]

Department: Neuroscience

Education: B.S., Biology and Psychology, Virginia Tech

Hometown: Blacksburg, VA

Thesis adviser: Pamela Knapp, Ph.D., Anatomy & Neurobiology

Research interests: Neuropathology associated with HIV and opiate use.

Personal bio: I began my scientific career in a lab that focused on the effects of noninvasive neurostimulation on humans.  While there, I had some exposure to cellular and molecular level neuroscience, which sparked my interest and led me to the Neuroscience PhD program at VCU.


  • Legon W; Sato TF; Opitz A; Mueller J; Williams A; Tyler WJ. (2014) Modulation of human brain circuits by transcranial focused ultrasound. Nature Neuroscience. 17(2):322-329.
  • Opitz A; Legon W; Mueller J; Barbour A; Paulus W; Tyler WJ. (2015) Is sham cTBS real cTBS? The effect of EEG dynamics. Frontiers Hum Neurosci. doi: 10.3389/fnhum.

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