12th & Marshall, Fall 2015 issue

Welcome to the fall 2015 issue of 12th & Marshall, the twice yearly magazine for alumni as well as faculty and friends of our medical school.

You can flip through the pages below, or click for a larger view. You'll also want to note that many headlines are hyperlinks that will take you to expanded coverage of the stories. Please let us know what you think of our new publication! You can send a message to MedAlum@vcu.edu or offer input via our online form.

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Fall 2015 Feature Stories

How Well Do You Know Him - Image1 [View Image]

How Well Do You Know Him?
Walter Lawrence, M.D., is an icon on the MCV Campus. Learn what you didn’t know about him.




Grape & Grain - Image2 - thumb - 120x87 [View Image]

Grape & Grain
For a trio of alumni, a passion for the magic that happens when yeast and fermentation meet grain and grape has helped shape their lives.




Thumb Image for toolbox story [View Image]What's In Your Toolbox?
It’s OK to ask for help when the stress gets too great. It’s also important to look inward, assess strengths and opportunities for growth in order to find ways to build toward long-term resiliency.




Tomorrow's Doctors - thumb - 120x87 [View Image]

Finding Tomorrow's Doctors‌
Alumni like J. Latane Ware and Gilbert Bryson help assemble the student body.





Family Physicians Needed STAT - Hanson Eddy - thumb [View Image]

Family Medicine Physicians Needed, STAT!‌
A student and her alumna mentor have bonded through the fmSTAT program that nurtures medical students who are committed to a career in family medicine.




Thumb for Catalyst story [View Image]

As vice provost for innovation at the University of Miami, alumna Norma Sue Kenyon is perched between the lab and the clinic, helping academic researchers scale the precarious path from idea to market.




thumb 120x87 of Ken Kendler [View Image]

International team is first to identify risk genes for clinical depression
Watch a video of Ken Kendler, M.D., describing the breakthrough discovery.




Piece of the Past - thumb - 120x89 [View Image]

Piece of the Past
In the 1800s, when house calls were the norm, doctors often traveled for days in rural areas before reaching their patients. It was crucial they pack everything they could possibly need to save a life.



Thumb for Summertime, Summertime story [View Image]Summertime, Summertime
For students, it can be a time for exceptional experiences. Here’s a look at what just a handful did with those lazy, hazy days.



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