Research themes

The research themes are underpinned by imaging science methodology developments, and hence there is always overlap and cross-feed in terms of methods and assays.

Magnetic Resonance Imaging

Myocardial infarction in a rat model studied by MRI

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Cine images Day0 (Left) & Week9 (Right)

T1 maps (Left) Day0 (1610ms) & (Right) Week9 (220ms)

  • Doxorubicin a chemo-therapeutic drug was injected to induce cardiomyopathy in rats.
  • The disease progression was monitored by MRI, using three different experiments
    • T1 maps – to measure the change in T1 values in myocardial tissue
    • Cine imaging to measure the ejection fraction
    • Cine-tagged imaging to measure the myocardial stress

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Cine imaging
of rat heart

MR angiogram
of rat brain

Imaging Traumatic Brain Injury

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Anatomical images of Control (Left)
& Treated (Right) rat head

MR Angiography of Control (Left)
& Treated (Right) rat head

  • TBI was induced in rats
  • Hydrogel in stem cells was used to promote vascularization
  • Magnetic Resonance Angiogram (MRA) was used to visualize the brain vascular structures

Abdominal Fat Volume Quantification

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  • RARE MRI with & without fat suppression was used to quantify abdominal fat in mice
  • Untreated high-fat diet fed mice (top row) showed increase in abdominal fat volume where as shRNAi treated high-fat diet fed mice (bottom row) exhibit decrease in fat volume as a function of time.

Imaging Hemorrhagic Shock in Rats

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  • Hemorrhagic shock was induced in rats
  • Resuscitation was done by using saline (control) and PEG
  • Proton density weighted imaging

pH Imaging Using CEST-MRI

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  • Chemical Exchange Saturation Transfer (CEST) MRI experiments were performed in colon cancer model in mice
  • Gradient echo CEST MRI was performed
  • The FOV was adjusted to cover the subcutaneous tumor
  • pH before and after the bicarbonate treatment was measured

Radionuclide Emission Tomography

Imaging Tumor Metabolism by PET

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  • Colon Tumor Metabolism (left), In vivo Therapeutic Efficacy (right)

Uptake and Retention of 124I-FIAU by the HSV1-tk PET Reporter Gene

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Longitudinal Molecular Imaging of 141Cerium Oxide Nanoparticles by SPECT/CT

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X-Ray CT Imaging of new born mouse pups

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Optical and Photoacoustic Imaging

In vivo Fluorescence Imaging of T-cell Trafficking

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Photoacoustic Imaging of Increased Intra-tumor Hemoglobin Content after Drug Treatment in Mice

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  • A549 lung cancer xenograft (left graph) and Spontaneous orthotopic MMTV tumors (right graph)

CMI Imaging – Mouse Pups to Large Animals

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  • Prof. Jamal Zweit, PhD, DSc (Director)
  • Sundaresan Gobalakrishnan, PhD (Research Assistant Professor)
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