The purpose of this program is for VCU to be able to identify you by the name, gender and pronoun by which you identify. VCU will generally use this name for you when communicating to you and others. Any entry of a name other than one you actually intend to use for university purposes may result in action under university policy, such as the Student Code of Conduct or employment policies.


If you need assistance completing the eServices change, please email [View Image]


  • Select eServices and then select Personal Information or just enter to go directly to the eServices Personal Information page.
    • Some computers may show a cache image of the old system. This image is saved locally on your computer and may require a hard refresh to view the new page. 
    • There are a number of ways to force a refresh In the Chrome Browser: 
    • The following solutions can be used the Windows/Linux Operating System:
      • Hold down Ctrl and click the Reload button.
      • Hold down Ctrl and click F5.
      • Hold down Ctrl + Shift and click R.
      • Open Chrome dev tools by clicking F12 and right-click the Reload button. Then, click Hard Reload
    • The following solutions can be used for MacOS (both work):
      • Hold Shift and click the Reload button.
      • Hold down Command and Shift. Then, press R.
  • Enter your name of use (NOU) into eServices. Enter the name you intend to use at VCU whether or not it is the same as your legal first name. If you are going to enter something other than your legal first name, please follow the specific system rules.  Entries that do not fit within system parameters will be removed:
    • Do NOT enter anything into this field other than a name you use.
    • If you do not want to provide a name of use, please leave the field blank.
      • Do not enter any version of the phrase “not applicable.”  The following forms of “Not Applicable” will be removed: not applicable; n/a; na;  
    • Do not utilize any numbers or symbols as characters for your name of use; do not use alphanumeric combinations for your name of use.
    • Do not enter multiple options for your name. For example, do NOT write “Maria or Mari.” You must choose one version of your name and enter it exactly as you wish it to appear.
    • Do not include your last name in the name of use field unless you want to incorporate an additional last name.
      • Remember, the name that you enter is how you will be known in most university systems.  
      • For example, if your first name is Amahle and your legal last name is Kuhmalo, but you also want to use Dalmini as part of your last name, you can enter Amahle Dalmini in the name of use field.  Your name of use will then be known as Amahle Dalmini and your full name will be known as Amahle Dalmini Kuhmalo
  • Select your gender/gender identity in eServices
  • Select your pronoun in eServices
  • Wait 48 hours for major systems to upgrade
  • Check that name of use has updated in the systems that apply to you:
    • Blackboard
    • Rec sports
    • Housing
    • VCU GSuite (your email)
    • Talent@VCU
    • Navigate
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