Nanomaterials Core Characterization Facility

PHI VersaProbe III Scanning XPS Microprobe

PHI VersaProbe III Scanning XPS Microprobe [View Image]

  • Multi-channel detector for faster elemental and chemical imaging
  • Angle dependent technology for +/- 5 degree solid angle collection for ADXPS measurements.
  • Micro-focused, scanning x-ray source which provides excellent large area and superior micro-area spectroscopy performance.
  • Spectroscopy, depth profiling and imaging can all be performed over the full range of x-ray beam sizes including the minimum x-ray beam size of less than 10 µm.
  • Micro-focused, raster scanned x-ray beam
  • X-ray beam induced secondary electron imaging XPS - images with spectra at each pixel for retrospective chemical analysis
  • Point or multi-point spectroscopy
  • Point or multi-point thin film analysis
  • Depth profiling with Argon ions and C60


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