Tuition, Financial Aid, and Scholarships

Here is a table that includes our current tuition and fees for each semester, along with a high estimate of costs of living.


Year/TermTuitionFeesProgram FeeRoom & BoardBooks & Supplies (est)Personal & Misc. (est)Transportation (est)Loan Fees (est)TOTAL
Year 1 (Summer)4,0461,4941,0002,7304667821389110,747
Year 1 (FA/SP)10,4045,3392,00012,2791,2403,5241,39618236,364
Year 2 (Summer)2,8901,0708363,076310884156919,313
Year 2 (FA/SP)10,4045,3392,00012,2791,2403,5241,39618236,364
Year 3 (Summer)5,2022,1251,0004,1026201,1782089114,526
Year 3 (FA/SP)10,4045,3392,00012,2791,2403,5241,39618236,364


Year/TermTuitionFeesProgram FeeRoom & BoardBooks & Supplies (est)Personal & Misc. (est)Transportation (est)Loan Fees (est)TOTAL
Year 1 (Summer)8,6382,0461,0002,7304667825009116,253
Year 1 (FA/SP)22,2127,5892,00012,2791,2403,5241,84418250,870
Year 2 (Summer)6,1701,4648363,0763108845009113,331
Year 2 (FA/SP)22,2127,5892,00012,2791,2403,5241,84418250,870
Year 3 (Summer)11,1062,4701,0004,1026201,1785009121,067
Year 3 (FA/SP)22,2127,5892,00012,2791,2403,5241,84418250,870

For more information about tuition and fees, you can use the VCU tuition calculator.

Federal Student Financial Aid:
Please complete this form if you want to be considered for any kind of financial assistance This form can be completed online at:
VCU Financial Aid And Resources:
VCU Financial Aid Department Web page:
Listing of Financial Assistance Programs:
AD Williams Research Scholarship - An annual scholarship awarded to one student with high academic achievement, leadership, and research contribution to the university.
AD Williams Fieldwork Scholarship - An annual scholarship awarded to one Grad III student (in their final semester to be used towards Grad III tuition) based on high financial need, outstanding fieldwork performance, leadership, and potential.
AD Williams Leadership Scholarship - An annual scholarship awarded to one student based on leadership and service to the department.
AD Williams Service Award - An annual scholarship awarded to students with a high level of service to the university, school, and the community.
Katherine Lawrence Dragas Scholarship - Katherine Dragas was a graduate of the VCU OT program in 2001. She was a committed occupational therapist and when she passed away in 2009, her husband and classmates established an endowed scholarship to honor her beautiful and giving spirit to serve as a lasting tribute to her memory. The scholarship is awarded to a student with outstanding academic performance and a commitment to pursuing a career in pediatric occupational therapy.
Commonwealth Of Virginia Scholarship - These awards are presented to graduate student(s) with high academic and professional potential. Preference is given to residents of Virginia, and financial need is considered. 
Patti Ann Maurer Scholarship This award is given to the top ranked applicant for the Entry-Level Professional Master's program.
Gudger-Garris Scholarship Award This award is a bequest from Lucille Gudger. It is awarded each year to students in the occupational therapy program in good academic standing with financial need.
The American Occupational Therapy Foundation:
National AMBUCS, Inc. Provide scholarships for therapists through the AMBUCS Scholars program.
Virginia Occupational Therapy Association (VOTA): Information and forms can be found under the heading: VOTA Scholarships and Awards
College Tool Kit: A scholarship search engine that allows you to establish a personal profile to help identify available scholarships.
MedCAP and other Student Loans and Services through Wells Fargo: The MedCAP Loan Program was designed to help you reach your career goal:
Signature Loans through Sallie Mae: When grants, scholarships, and Federal Stafford Loans fall short in covering the total cost of your
Key Education Resources: 1-800-539-5363 Offering a range of education planning and financing products to help meet your education goals: