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Transfusion Medicine Quality Assurance

Transfusion Medicine Quality Assurance

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Mission: Our mission is to serve our customers safely, efficiently, and effectively while also striving to share and expand our scientific and leadership expertise.

Vision: The vision of Transfusion Medicine is to provide nationally recognized leadership in the rapidly changing field of immunohematology by ensuring the highest level of safety and effectiveness through enhancing organizational and community standards, employee enrichment, and contributing significantly towards universal transfusion and apheresis knowledge and practices.

To that end, we have established a comprehensive program of Quality Assurance in order to significantly decrease errors, enhance our credibility, comply with regulatory agencies, reduce costs and improve our productivity, product safety and quality.

Our Quality Assurance Program incorporates Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) to assure blood product safety, potency, and purity. Other benefits include:

  • Continuous process improvement
  • Coordination of intra & interdepartmental processes. 

Our Program serves as a model for other labs and hospital departments and forms the basis for future enhancement to ISO-9000 QA. It is promoted by the American Association of Blood Banks (AABB).

In addition to our Quality Assurance Program, we strive daily to achieve our goals in Patient Care, Education, Research and Service: 

Patient Care

  • Show dignity and respect to all patients
  • Give support to patient’s families and friends
  • Be responsive to patient needs
  • Maintain confidentiality of patient information
  • Show compassion


  • Lead in latest technology
  • Inspire scientific curiosity
  • Promote professional growth
  • Be open to all: leaders, teachers, students, and participants


  • Participate
  • Cooperate
  • Institute multi-disciplinary, multi-facility projects
  • Share findings by contributing to the scientific literature


  • Fiscally responsible
  • Consistent in meeting our patients needs
  • Professional in manner
  • Courteous and friendly
  • Receptive to ideas for improvement
  • Open communication
  • Excel in efficiency and effectiveness

We are one team moving forward toward the same goals; always remembering that the patient is the ultimate beneficiary of our shared values and quality improvement within Transfusion Medicine. 

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