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The Pediatric Research Office was established in 2003 to enhance and promote organized clinical research within the Department of Pediatrics. We have a long and successful history of facilitating clinical research sponsored from a variety of funding entities including federally funded, industry-funded and investigator-initiated research projects and trials.

Over the past few years, we truly have grown and expanded our vision to becoming a global resource for the Children’s Hospital of Richmond at VCU/VCU Department of Pediatrics and pediatric community. The PRO strives to collaborate with community pediatricians and patients to conduct clinical research and to attract inquiries for study participation from members of the community and research partners.

The primary clinical site for the Department of Pediatrics commitment is located in the Children's Hospital of Richmond (CHoR) at VCU Children's Pavilion. In an effort to make participation in clinical research studies as convenient as possible for our patients, we have embedded the Pediatric Research Unit (PRU)
with clinical space on the 1st floor of the CHoR Pavilion. The Pediatric Research Unit (PRU) is the gateway to clinical research within CHoR and helps make research happen.

The PRU is available for all pediatric research teams as a welcoming, controlled environment for research participants and their families to be confidently involved in clinical research studies. The PRU’s three fully equipped clinic rooms and associated services are available during normal business hours (8:00 am to 5:00 pm) but can be utilized until the building is closed at 7:00 pm when pre-arranged. Click here to read our PRU Fact Sheet.

As a result of increased demand and to ensure efficient operations, as of January 12, 2020, all PRU space must be reserved through an established pathway, instructions can be found here. This new scheduling process has been implemented to ensure optimal use of space as pediatric research and use of the PRU continues to grow.

Currently, there are more than 50 active and enrolling pediatric clinical trials. As we grow, we expect to improve both the quantity and the quality of our research trials providing comprehensive support to both investigators and study participants.

We are committed to supporting research investigators and to further develop and enhance department leadership in clinical and translational research. We provide investigators with the tools and committed research staff needed to acquire and initiate studies, to recruit patients, and to facilitate the planning, design, coordination, performance and tracking of clinical research participants according to local, federal, and international guidelines and laws.

Our staff works closely with sponsors and necessary VCU offices to expedite the initiation and management of studies. Our staff can be counted on to answer your questions and provide the following services:

  • Budget preparation
  • Internal VCU processes, procedures and paperwork
  • Submission for institutional review board approval (WIRB)
  • Contract issues and CDA preparation
  • Completion of regulatory and financial documents for all new studies
  • Study initiation and patient enrollment

Pediatric Research Office Team

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