Curriculum Delivery

Curriculum Delivery [View Image]

VCU School of Pharmacy Inova Campus students have the best of both worlds. Using real-time interactive videoconferencing technologies, students can stay connected to both educational and student activities on the MCV Campus in Richmond.

The VCU Inova campus is dedicated not only to providing students with the high-quality education they expect but also to preparing them for the real-world application of their practice, from experiential education rotations to graduation and beyond. Students have the advantage of small classes with easy access to faculty and staff members. All classes are broadcast, recorded live and available to view anytime on Blackboard.

Because of the Inova Campus’ proximity to Washington, students benefit from in-house, high-profile speakers, presenters, clinicians and colleagues. Students also have the opportunity to work in an excellent clinical environment with an ethnically and culturally diverse patient population.