Course Requirements

The following courses or course areas are required of all graduate students in the Pharmaceutical Sciences Graduate Program prior to graduation. Courses and course areas similar to those listed, which have been taken prior to entry in the program, may satisfy the requirement and courses other than those listed may be substituted.

  • PCEU 607 and 608 Introduction to Pharmaceutical Sciences
  • IBMS 600 Laboratory Safety
  • MICR 510 Scientific Integrity
  • MEDC 690 Seminar
  • MEDC 697 Directed research

All students will complete the following core courses:

MEDC 591/555/556 Special Topics in Medicinal Chemistry 7
MEDC 601 Advanced Medicinal Chemistry I1
MEDC 526 Research Techniques1-4
CHEM 504 Advanced Organic Chemistry I3
MEDC 541 Survey of Molecular Modeling Methods or CHEM 5101-3
Atomic and Molecular Structure 

In addition, elective courses are deemed necessary to the student's program; these electives may include courses outside the department.

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