The Proteomics Group in the VCU School of Pharmacy was established in late 2012. Proteomics is the systems-level study of protein expression, interaction, modification, and degradation for a given organism. We are interested in developing innovative mass spectrometry-based technologies concurrent with studying the onset and progression of cancer, particularly ovarian and lung cancers. Members of the group are recruited for their strong analytical skills and willingness to work collaboratively at the interface of technology and translational biomedical applications. The laboratory is well equipped with a high-performance Q-Exactive mass spectrometer (ThermoFisher), an Eksigent (ABSciex) splitless nano/microLC system with microfluidic chip separation technology, advanced proteomics software for protein identification and quantification, tissue microdissection, and cell culture equipment. If you are interested in joining us, please contact Dr. Hawkridge ( for more information.

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