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Sexual Violence


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Sexual Violence Infographic


VCU offers care and support and encourages people to seek help as soon as possible; also, as time passes, important evidence may be lost. The VCU community can contact the VCU Police Department (which offers the You Have Options program),  VCU Health System Forensic Nurse Services (through the Emergency Department), and for students, Student Health Services and University Counseling Services. Equity and Access Services serves as the Title IX office for VCU and coordinates the university's response to reports. Students can explore, in a confidential setting, available options based on individual circumstances, by contacting advocates located in University Counseling Services at

If you are a victim or witness to a crime, VCU Police officers are here to help take care of your needs, including assistance with securing counseling, medical or academic help.

Each of the VCU Police Department’s patrol shifts have officers who have received specialized training in responding to victims involved in traumatic events.

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Image description: You Have Options Sexual Assault Reporting (logo)

The VCU Police Department uses the You Have Options reporting program for crimes that are sexual in nature. To read more about You Have Options Program (YHOP) or to file a report with VCU Police Department, please click the following link:  VCU Police You Have Options Program. Note that clicking this link does NOT automatically file a report with the police department; you will have the option to do so on the redirected page. Please be advised that reports made online could take up to 72 hours for a law enforcement response. If you are in an emergency situation, or need medical or other resources immediately, please call the VCU Police emergency line 24/7 at (804) 828-1234.   

If a victim calls the VCUPD at (804) 828-1234 they can request to speak or meet with one of the victim/witness specialists. There are victim/witness specialists assigned to every patrol shift.

  • Day Shift Officers: J. Riemann, I. Brown, T. Wojno, M. Chatham, C. Bowen, B. Boyd
  • Night Shift Officers: E. Greer, C. McKenna, J. Gotham, S. Wisegarver, D. Pulliam, D. Shiner
  • Investigations: C. Cocke, C. Darnell, L. Olds, F. Wiggins, J. Merricks
  • Community Policing: A. Murray

Victim/Witness Coordinator: Officer Jasmine Merricks

Ofc. Merricks can be reached from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., Monday through Friday at (804) 828-6356 or via email at Ofc. Merricks is located at 224 East Broad Street which is accessible by use of the GRTC Pulse.

VCU Police takes all reports of sexual assault seriously. The department does not encourage anyone to send information about alleged sexual assaults to anonymous online accounts or platforms that are unaffiliated with VCU, a university or a law enforcement agency. Doing so can put those who post, and those accused, at risk for online harassment and potential harm.

Where you can go for medical attention:

Within 5 days: VCU Medical Center's forensic nursing office, 1250 E. Marshall St., (804) 628-0623.

After 5 days: University Student Health Services, 1300 W. Broad St., Suite 2200, (804) 828-8828.

If you are unsure of which option to choose, go to VCU Medical Center. You can also visit other hospitals in the greater Richmond area. Forensic nursing services at these facilities:




St. Mary's Hospital

5801 Bremo Rd

Richmond, VA

Non-emergency: (804) 281-8574

Emergency: (804) 281-8184

Richmond Community Hospital

1500 N. 28th Street

Richmond, VA

Non-emergency: (804) 281-8574

Emergency: (804) 281-8184

St. Francis Watkins Centre

601 Watkins Centre Parkway

Midlothian, VA 

Non-emergency: (804) 281-8574

Emergency: (804) 281-8184

Memorial Regional Medical Center 

8260 Atlee Road

Mechanicsville, VA 

Non-emergency: (804) 281-8574

Emergency: (804) 281-8184

St. Francis Medical Center

13710 St. Francis Boulevard

Midlothian, VA

Non-emergency: (804) 281-8574

Emergency: (804) 281-8184

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