Fall 2020

This webpage serves as a quick guide to important activities, dates, initiatives, and contacts that will help you navigate this semester at VCU. For information related to the university’s response to COVID-19, visit One VCU: Responsible Together.

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Provide timely feedback for undergraduate students in September and October

Our students have varying needs. While some students may thrive in a hybrid or online course, others may find those modalities more challenging. To provide ample opportunities for students to improve their grades or, if needed, take advantage of the pass/fail grading option, timely feedback is essential.

VCU provides two methods to help faculty set and reinforce high academic expectations in their undergraduate classes by providing timely feedback to students regarding their academic performance: progress reports and midterm grades.

  • Progress reports are due between Sept.1 and Sept. 21
  • Midterm grades are due between Sept. 22 and Oct. 23

If you have any questions, please contact navigate@vcu.edu.

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