Summer Studies 2020 update

While the university continues planning for on-campus instruction this fall, summer classes that begin in July have been moved to remote (online) instruction.

Remote instruction remains in place for the May and June summer sessions, as previously announced on April 3.

Instructional modes for summer classes on the MCV Campus vary by school. Students should contact their dean’s offices for additional information.

Please contact VCU Summer Studies at with any additional questions or concerns.

Summer 2020 academic standing for undergraduate students

VCU is pleased to announce a temporary update to the Continuance in Undergraduate Program Regulation for summer 2020 to protect undergraduate students from a negative change in academic standing.

Academic standing will be calculated at the end of summer 2020 for undergraduate students based on grades submitted for summer 2020 enrollment:

  • Students whose summer 2020 grades suggest their academic standing be improved at the end of summer 2020 grading will have the new academic standing reflected on their record.
  • Students whose summer 2020 grades suggest their academic standing be changed to academic warning, academic probation or academic suspension at the end of summer 2020, will be protected from a negative change in academic standing and will have the academic standing earned at the end of spring 2020 reinstated.
  • Students whose summer 2020 grades suggest their academic standing be the same as the academic standing earned at the end of the spring 2020, will have no action taken.

Discounted rates on select fees

VCU is pleased to announce discounted per credit hour rates on select mandatory fees for summer 2020 only. The university fee will be discounted by 50%, moving to $26 per credit hour from $57 per credit (capped at $339). The online fee of $55 per credit hour (capped at three credit hours) will be waived for the summer session.

We encourage students to consider enrolling in one of the more than 1,200 undergraduate and graduate courses we will offer this summer. Registration for Summer Studies is now open; for additional information, please visit the VCU Summer Studies website.

Summer Session FAQ

If a department decides to cancel a class and there are students registered for that class, the department will contact those students and notify them of the cancellation in a timely manner.

Not necessarily. This decision will be made by the faculty instructor and the department. Some instructors may choose not to teach if the course is moved online. In that case, the department may work on finding another faculty member or decide to cancel the course.

Students find that taking courses during the summer allow them to get ahead, catch up, or repeat a course they have struggled with in the past.

For students currently enrolled in a degree program at VCU, Summer Studies is designed to:

  • Present more opportunities for students to take core curriculum and general education courses that they did not have room in their schedule to take
  • Offer “bottleneck” courses that are often filled to maximum enrollment during the fall and spring semesters
  • Provide the opportunity to repeat courses
  • Help students get ahead or stay on track as they pursue their goals
  • Offer electives to help students meet graduation requirements

You can find the summer schedule at VCU's Schedule of Classes website.

Financial aid for summer 2020 is available and is currently being packaged. Students registering for summer classes who have a 2019-20 FAFSA on file will automatically be considered for remaining financial aid eligibility. There is no separate application. Students will be notified of financial aid awards within eServices within five business days, once registered for summer classes.

VCU offers 11 different summer sessions. The session dates are listed on the VCU Summer Studies website.

Summer Studies is also open to visiting students who meet VCU’s eligibility requirements. Non-degree-seeking students can take up to 11 credit hours at VCU during Summer Studies. Students who are currently seeking a baccalaureate degree at another institution must be in good standing at their home institutions and are reminded to seek approval from their home institutions before registering for classes.

The Campus Learning Center is open for all services online for the duration of the remote learning period. Please visit the Campus Learning Center website for more information on tutoring, SI and academic coaching.

The Writing Center is open and offering all services online for the duration of the remote learning period. For more information, including how to schedule an appointment and different resources you can use while writing, visit the Writing Center website.

Because we offer 11 different summer sessions, these dates vary. Please refer to the table on the VCU Summer Studies website.

Academic standing FAQ

  • To create more options for successful course completion with minimal barriers for students seeking to stay on or get on track for timely graduation
  • To provide student-focused strategies that support successful course completion amid a rapidly changing and stressful situation
  • To provide students who need to retake a course from the spring semester due to course withdrawal or not passing the opportunity to stay on target to graduate without the stress of being penalized should their overall GPA move them to a standing other than good standing after summer 2020 grading

No, you will not move into probation status. Your status of warning will be retained. The same is true if you are on probation — you will not move into suspended status if you do not pass your summer course.

Yes, if your GPA is adequate to move you into good standing, you will be moved into that status.

Your registration will be limited to the same number of credit hours to match the academic standing that you retain. If you retain your status of warning, you will be limited to 14 hours. Students on probation will be limited to 13 hours.

If you meet the criteria for dean’s list at the end of summer semester, you will be placed on dean’s list. The criteria may be found at the graduation information page on the VCU Bulletins website.

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