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Psychology Department

Oswaldo Moreno, Ph.D.

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Assistant Professor
Counseling Psychology
800 W Franklin, rm 101
(804) 828-6624

Photo credit: Peter Goldberg

Assistant Professor (tenure-track)
Ph.D. (2015), Clark University


La Esperanza Research Program
Center for Cultural Experience in Prevention

Doctoral Program Affiliation

Counseling Psychology

Research Interests

My research involves understanding and addressing health and healthcare disparities in the United States that affect individuals from low-income and racial/ethnic minority backgrounds. My research program includes applied research that lies at the intersection of cultural and contextual approaches and psychology of religion and spirituality. My previous research projects included randomized control trials, evidence-based practices, culturally-sensitive interventions, prevention for Latina/o youth and families, as well as substance use and mood disorders.

Currently, our lab is working on culturally enhancing a motivational interviewing intervention for Latinx adolescents. We are also working with a transdisciplinary team (VCU iCube) to identify priorities, use of services, and behaviors related to health and comorbidities among students in low-Income communities in the greater Virginia area. Additionally, we are collecting data for a qualitative study on early immigration, policy, and psychological wellbeing amongst first-generation immigrants.

Select Publications

Moreno, O., & Cardemil, E. (2018). The role of religious attendance on mental health among Mexican populations: A contribution toward the discussion of the immigrant health paradox. American Journal of Orthopsychiatry, 88(1), 10-15. doi:10.1037/ort0000214
Becker, S., Weeks, B. Gresko, S., Escobar, C., & Moreno, O. (2018). Impressions of evidence-based practice: A direct-to- consumer survey of caregivers concerned about adolescent substance use. Journal of Evidence-Based Practice in Child & Adolescent Mental Health, 3(2), 70-80. doi:10.1080/23794925.2018.1429228
Moreno, O. & Cardemil, E. (2018). Religiosity and well-being among Mexican-born and U.S.-born Mexicans: A qualitative investigation. Journal of Latina/o Psychology, 6(3), 235-247, doi:10.1037/lat0000099
Moreno, O., Janssen, T., Cox, M. J., Colby, S., & Jackson, K. M. (2017). Parent-adolescent relationships in Hispanic versus Caucasian families: Associations with alcohol and marijuana use onset. Addictive Behaviors, 7474-81. doi:10.1016/j.addbeh.2017.05.029.
Moreno, O., Nelson, T. & Cardemil, E.V. (2017). Religiosity, spirituality, and attitudes towards professional mental health services: An initial examination of mediation. Journal of Mental Health, Religion, and Culture, 20(7), 626-637, doi.10.1080/13674676.2017.1372735

Recent Courses

  • Abnormal Psychology, undergraduate level
  • Personal Awareness in Multicultural Counseling, graduate level

Recent Grants

Culturally enhancing motivation interviewing to target Latinx adolescent tobacco use

Role: Co-Principal Investigator
Source: Virginia Foundation for Healthy Youth
Period: 2018-2021
Total Costs: $449,912

Identifying priorities, use of services, and behaviors related to health and comorbidities among students in low-Income communities

Role: Co-Investigator
Source: Children’s Hospital of Richmond
Period: 2018-2019
Total Costs: $9,544.00

National Research Service Award

Role: Research Fellow
Source: National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism
Period: 2015-2017
Number: 5T32 AA07459-11
Total Costs: $84,000

Recent Awards

  • 2016-2018, Interdisciplinary Research on Hispanic Drug Abuse - National Hispanic Scientist Network Research Fellowship (R25DA026401)
  • 2015, American Psychological Association Dissertation Award
  • 2013-2015, American Psychological Association Minority Fellowship (MHSAS & SAMHSA)
  • 2012, Disparities in Mental Health Care for Latinos with Serious Mental Illness Fellowship (T37 MD003405)

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