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September 25-26, 2021


We are excited to announce that the eighth RamHacks organized at the VCU College of Engineering will take place on September 25-26, 2021. Due to COVID-19, the event will be virtual but we have opened participation in RamHacks to anyone living within the United States.

Students may work in teams of up to four members and cross-university teams are always encouraged. RamHacks allows programmers to come together to create innovative projects within one of the hackathon challenges.

The Department of Computer Science is hosting this hackathon to ignite the spirits of students in a competition with no creative boundaries. All levels of expertise are welcomed so get ready to bring your ideas to the virtual table!

Please note that if you intend to join our group of hundreds of students in this event, you will also be asked to agree to the MLH Code of Conduct.

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Overall Awards

RamHacks gives monetary awards to the best submissions in addition to the awards provided by the sponsors of the challenges.

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$3,000 1st place prizeTwo (2) $1,500 2nd place prizesThree (3) $1,000 3rd place prizes

Top 3 2020 Challenges

CarMax - Visually narrow down vehicle transfer fees

On carmax.com, given more and more customers are starting their vehicle buying journey online, with over 35k vehicles within our inventory, how do we visually help users narrow down the vehicles by transfer fee? Transfer fee is the cost customers can pay to move a vehicle from one location to another.

CoStar - Best Hack for Group Living in 2020

2020 is a year like no other. As University students, you stand at the intersection of ‘Stay at Home’ and ‘Live together’. In either case (or both) your community is facing challenges related to each. You have some students who are remote, and some trying to safely live on Campus, but all are members of your community. This challenge is to come up with the best hack related to Group Living in 2020, both virtual and/or in-person.

Altria - Most Innovative and Insightful Use of Virtual Agents

Over the last few months we've all had to adjust to a new normal, and as we try to curb human interaction to mitigate risks, we've seen the value of virtual agents increase. We've often seen them used in customer service and IT helpdesk solutions but want to see where it can grow. We want to leave this challenge as open-ended as possible to see what unique challenges you choose to address and how you do so.

Top 3 2020 Awarded Submissions



Saturday, September 25, 2021

Sunday, September 26, 2021


RamHacks isn’t just an opportunity to attract award-winning talent — it’s a chance to show what your company can do by tapping into some of the most innovative minds in the country.

Sponsorship Levels:


  • Top logo placement
  • Keynote speech
  • Includes all the benefits of the silver and bronze packages
  • Limited to one sponsor


  • Improved logo placement
  • Give a tech talk
  • Includes all the benefits of the bronze package


  • Create a challenge
  • Representative & e-booth at the event
  • Access to participants’ resumes

How to become a sponsor

View the 2021 Sponsorship Booklet and reach out to us at ramhacks@vcu.edu.

2021 Sponsors


Frequently Asked Questions

How the event will run online?

We'll create a discord workspace and parallel live sesions for the challenges, tech talks, and more. You'll be able to chat and interact with other participants, mentors, and sponsors online. Get your webcam and headset ready!

Who can participate?

Are you a UX enthusiast with design on the brain and art in your heart? Maybe you’ve got mad business skills and an entrepreneurial spirit? This event is about so much more than programming, so register! Participants outside the US are not eligible for prizes.

Is this a team event?

You can build your own team if you’d like, or we’ll get you synced up with a team when you arrive. Please limit your team to no more than four people. Seriously, any more and you’d need a SCRUM master to coordinate your hacking!

Does VCU reserve the rights to what we create at RamHacks?

No. You own what you make! VCU will have no bearing on the rights to any of the projects you create at RamHacks!

What if I don’t have an application idea?

Don’t worry, mentors will be on-hand to support and troubleshoot.

Will this event be all work and no play?

No, no and NO! we’ll have online video games if you need a breather from creative coding. Hear the latest programming technologies, tips and techniques at our Tech Talk sessions. In addition, Major League Hacking and our sponsors will throw down some special challenges with prizes you don't want to miss out on.

How do we submit our project?

Register on devpost and submit your project before 11:00 on Sunday. You'll also need to record and submit a link before noon to a short video on YouTube or any public platform showcasing and demoing your idea. Judges will review submissions and videos between noon and 3 pm.

Can I submit a project to multiple challenges?

Absolutely! if your project qualifies for multiple challenges please select them all on devpost when submitting your project. You may get many different awards.

Can I participate in RamHacks from anywhere in the US?

Sure, don't let the time zone discourage you. RamHacks 2021 will be 100% online and open nation-wide.

Can I participate in RamHacks if I'm underage?

You're welcome to join the event, learn a lot, enjoy, and have fun, but unfortunately you won't be eligible for awards.


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