Degree audit

Degree Works is a web-based degree audit tool that helps students and advisors monitor progress toward degree completion. It produces an easy-to-read report that outlines the university core, general education, major, collateral requirements and electives for a student’s degree program, and tracks the student’s progress in completing those requirements.

Degree Works is available to all undergraduate students with an effective Bulletin of fall 2006 or later, and to graduate students with an effective Bulletin of fall 2014 or later.

This report is not intended to replace contact with academic advisors. It does, however, provide accurate, up-to-date information to assist students and advisors in creating an academic plan.

Using Degree Works

Degree Works can be accessed through eServices. The program works best in Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome.

All current and previous coursework, including transfer credits and AP/IB scores, is available in Degree Works. The audit also outlines courses needed to meet degree, major, minor and concentration requirements.

Students should review their degree audit at least four times a semester, especially: 

  • Before meeting with an academic advisor
  • After registering
  • After grades for each semester are posted
  • Any time changes are made to a schedule or major

All changes post to Degree Works within 24 hours. Students should report any errors on their audit to their academic advisors.

While Degree Works has been designed to check almost everything that students must complete for graduation, there may be additional requirements. To remain on track for graduation, students should use Degree Works in conjunction with their effective Bulletin and with any information from their major department.

Student Educational Planner


The Student Educational Planner (SEP) is a tool within Degree Works that helps students and academic advisors build a semester-by-semester academic plan of classes leading to graduation. The information in these plans also may be used to inform departments about the courses students plan to take in future semesters.

Students are more likely to stay on track and reach academic and professional goals if an academic plan is created and followed. To access SEP, log in to Degree Works and click the "Plans" tab.

“What-if” audits

Students considering changing their major can use the "what-if" option to see what would be required if they made the change. What-if audits do not guarantee the ability to change a major.

What-if scenarios cannot be saved in Degree Works. To show a scenario to your advisor, work through the procedure together or print a copy prior to the appointment.

GPA calculation

GPA calculators can be found under the GPA Calc tab. These calculations are estimates only and exclude credit not taken at VCU. Degree Works does not calculate major GPA. This is determined by each individual academic unit. Contact an advisor within your major of study for information.

For advisors

When saving or printing a copy of an audit, be aware of FERPA regulations. If a substitution or waiver request is necessary, fill out a Substitution/Waiver form and submit it to the Degree Audit office. If you have any questions locating the form, contact your appropriate dean’s office representative for academic affairs or advising.

To report any issues with Degree Works, please email For general questions regarding Degree Works or to report observed down time outside of scheduled system maintenance (the second Friday of each month, from 6 to 9 p.m.), email Stay informed of Degree Works updates or outages by subscribing to the Degree Works Listserv.