Entering grades using
Banner 9 Faculty Grade Entry

Grading deadlines

Midterm and final grades are due by the deadline published in the university's academic calendar. Please adhere to this deadline, as grading will be turned off at that time, in order to proceed with processes such as the running of academic standing and dean’s list.

Grade entry tutorial


- Log onto eServices.

- Click on the Faculty Services tab.

- Click on Final Grades using the new Banner 9.

- Select Midterm or Final Grades as appropriate.

- Select a course by clicking on it. The grade entry roster displays on the bottom panel.

- If you do not see your course listed, search for it by CRN or semester in the search box.

- Enter grades using the dropdown box next to each student.

- Entry of Last Attend Date and Hours Attended is not required.

- Save by using the Save button at the bottom right. (Use care with the Reset button, which will remove the grades that are not yet saved.)

- Be sure to sign out of eServices when you are done.



You do not need to enter all grades at once. You may enter some grades, save them, and come back at a later time to enter the rest of them as long as the grading period is still open.

Grades are rolled to academic history nightly. Grades may be changed until they are rolled to history. Once they are rolled, the may not be changed in eServices. Use the university’s change of grade process to make changes. Access to the Change of Grade form is controlled by the departmental offices.

Once grades are rolled, students may see them on their transcripts.

You may also import your grades from an Excel file, which you may download from Banner, download from Blackboard or Canvas, or create yourself. The Excel file must include columns for the Banner term code, the course CRN, each student’s V# and each student’s final grade. If any of the required columns are missing from your Excel file, be sure to add them. To follow are the steps to take from the grade entry roster:

- Click on the Tool icon on the top right and click Import.

- Browse to search your computer for the Excel file, and then click Upload.

- After the upload is done, click Continue.

- Look at the Preview File and confirm accuracy by clicking Continue.

- Using the Map field dropdown boxes, mark the four required fields listed below. Marking these fields tells Banner which Excel file columns to import into the Final Grades form.

  • Term Code
  • Student ID
  • CRN
  • Final Grade

Term code can be found on your My Courses list in eServices, in the Term field (for example, where it lists '202020-Spring 2020', the '202020' is your Term code.)

- Click Continue.

- You may then either download the validation report to look for any errors, or click on the Continue button to  finish the upload.

- When the import is complete, click to Finish.

- Re-open the grade entry roster to ensure the grades were loaded.

- Be sure to sign out of eServices when you are done.