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Congratulations and Welcome to RealSource!

If you are accessing this webpage, you are likely one of the very “first” VCU vendors invited to register in VCU’s new RealSource Vendor Portal. Registering in RealSource will allow your firm to manage its own VCU vendor account, track your VCU transaction details, create invoices and much more. It is paperless, efficient, available 24/7 and will save your firm both time and money.

While RealSource will not be fully accessible to VCU departments until May 13th, it is important for your firm to register as soon as possible, so that departments can issue new POs or change existing POs and promptly approve your invoices.

Firms and individuals who register in the RealSource Vendor Portal, will receive additional information from VCU about the portal on how to submit electronic invoices and navigate within the tool. Although registration in the RealSource tool is simple and should take no more than 15 minutes to complete, a comprehensive registration guide, FAQs and other information is provided below. Also, the “Contact Us" tab at the top of the RealSource website includes a webform for questions and comments along with contact information.

We would love to hear from you, whether you need answers or wish to provide general feedback! Thank you for registering in RealSource!

To access the RealSource Vendor Portal, select the login icon above.

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