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Letter of Intent
Due Thursday, Feb 4, 2021

Prospective ARDRAF applicants are required to submit a non-binding Letter of Intent which includes:

  • a tentative project title
  • contact information for the principal investigator
  • the specific aims
  • the identities of other personnel and participating institutions
  • a non-technical abstract
  • a 4-5 sentence description of the project in common, everyday language for press release purposes

The letter of intent should be signed and printed on your letterhead. Letters should be saved as PDF format and must be uploaded below. A confirmation email will be sent to the email address you provide. Potential applicants will be contacted if LOIs are deemed inappropriate.

* VCU Applicants - Please understand that this is NOT a funding mechanism internal to VCU. All applications are required to go through the VCU Office of Sponsored Programs for signature by the Authorized Official (Andrea Publow or designee). For clarification, see

Principle Investigator Contact Information
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