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We are sorry you do not wish to answer the prescreening questions for The VIGOR Trial. Please recommend our study to others you feel would be interested. Researchers at Virginia Commonwealth University are exploring many different areas of low back pain. We would be happy to discuss The VIGOR Trial with you further. You may contact us at
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Directions: Please read each of the following statements and select the answer that best represents your feelings.
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Over the past 10-years have you been nauseated or vomited due to the following activities?
Directions: When your back hurts, you may find it difficult to do some of the things you normally do. Listed below are some sentences that others have used to describe themselves when they have back pain. When you read them, you may find that some stand out because they describe you today. As you read the list, think of yourself today. When you read a sentence that describes you today, select YES. If the sentence does not describe you today, select NO. Remember, only answer YES if you are sure the sentence describes you today.
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