2022 HIGHER Ground Women's Leadership Development Program Application

Thank you for applying to the HIGHER Ground Women's Leadership Development Program. The application will ask for different types of information, including one reference, a personal statement, biosketch, and CV/resume. You can close out and comeback to the form and your data will be saved.

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Personal Information

Professional Information

Demographic Information

The demographic information collected in this section is aggregated and used to inform GEHLI recruitment, program development, evaluation, and strategic planning. Answering these questions are optional; your responses or decision not to respond will not play a role in the application process.

Personal Statement
Please provide a short essay responding to the following prompts (Limit - 500 words per question):

One reference is required for your application.

Reference Information

First Name Last Name

Review & Submit

This application must be complete and include the following supplemental documents by November 15, 2021 in order for your application to be considered for acceptance into the program:

*All applicants must submit a references and ensure completed reference is submitted using the appropriate reference form.


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