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Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation

SRPP initiatives

SRPP and 4 initiatives: Enriching the human experience Achieving a just and equitable society Optimizing health Supporting sustainable energy and environments [View Image]

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Initiative 1

Enriching the human experience

We apply creative expression, critical analysis and advancements in knowledge and technology to enhance individual quality of life and social infrastructure.


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Initiative 2

Achieving a just and equitable society

We commit to identifying injustices and finding solutions to the most difficult social problems to build a better world, recognizing that change begins with us.


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Initiative 3

Optimizing health

We use trans-, multi-and interdisciplinary approaches at scales from molecules to populations in search of new ways to preserve and restore human health.


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Initiative 4

Supporting sustainable energy and environments

We create evidence-based solutions that contribute to a better future in a rapidly changing natural world.

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Office of the Vice President for Research and Innovation
BioTech One
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Third Floor, Suite 3000
Richmond, VA


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