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“The Spawn” wins first runner up at 2015 RVA Environmental Film Festival
1=2 during matching grant:
Turtle population study aims to prevent population collapse
Childhood dream comes true with help of VCU
The effect of urbanization on egg parasitism levels in the fall cankerworm
Dancing with the Dragon
Rice Rivers Center lands artist-in-residence
Rice Rivers Center researcher featured in Yale University publication
A day of Ipswiching
Thomas F. Huff, Ph.D., who led VCU’s march into the age of genomic research, dies at age 62
Thomas Huff, who helped launch VCU Life Sciences, dies at age 62
eESP 2.0 produces tangible results
Searching for Purples
ILS alumni panel 2014
Virginia Peregrine Falcon 2014 Update
Evaluating the Supply Side of Bird Migration within a Fall Staging Site
Virginia red-cockaded woodpeckers continue to surpass expectations
Unwelcome neighbors
Tracking a shorebird to the ends of the earth
VCU Rice Rivers Center receives award
Changing of the guard at Rice Rivers Center
VCU Rice Rivers Center accepted into important network
VCU Rice Rivers Center and Virginia Green
A forest out from under a lake
Three Chopt Garden Club visits Rice Rivers Center
Local Habitat, Global Impact: Anderson Gallery walk
Nitrogen Retention in a Restored Tidal Stream (Kimages Creek, VA) Assessed by Mass Balance and Trace
Migratory Movements of American Shad in the James River Fall Zone, Virginia
eESP 2.0 update
Influence of Substrate Quality and Moisture Availability on Microbial Communities and Litter Decompo
New logo: VCU Rice Rivers Center
Exposure to the Cyanotoxin Microcystin Arising from Interspecific Differences in Feeding Habits amon
Echoes of the Dough Birds
An eco-experience: Wading into wetlands
Oyster roast and reception
Franklin Military Academy studies water quality
The team sport of peregrine hacking
Spawning reefs offer recovery strategy for sturgeon in the James
Navigating a survey to save a species
National Eagle Roost Registry launched
Red knot decline spreads to Virginia
Banding woodpeckers
The blueberry birds of Acadia
Short film features tiny travelers
Rice Rivers Center announces Mountains to the Sea collaboration
One if by Land, Two if by Sea
Rice Rivers Center hires full-time data manager
Update on VCU’s long-term studies of the Prothonotary Warbler along the lower James River 2014: Geol
Green roof a star
Three-year grant funded for oyster restoration study

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