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We have a stellar group of researchers who teach our students. Their work leads the way for conservation and restoration of our environment. Read below for a seasonally rotating selection of profiles to showcase our outstanding affiliated faculty.


Paul Bukaveckas, Ph.D. [View Image]Paul Bukaveckas, Ph.D.

Professor, Center for Environmental Studies

Today, his research into nutrient runoff and algal blooms helps professionals working in water management make informed decisions about preventing and mitigating pollutants that can lead to poor water clarity, oxygen depletion and restricted growth of aquatic grasses where fish live. They need a basis for their policies and decisions, he said, “and that’s where the science comes in.”
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Greg Garman, Ph.D. [View Image]Greg Garman, Ph.D.

Director and research director, VCU Rice Rivers Center

As director at the VCU Rice Rivers Center, Greg Garman, Ph.D., champions the philosophy of “the more, the merrier.” In a nutshell, the research gives agencies a basis for management and policy decisions.

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Daniel McGarvey, Ph.D. [View Image]Daniel McGarvey, Ph.D.

Associate professor, Center for Environmental Studies

As a scientist, Daniel McGarvey, Ph.D., knows the importance of communicating findings clearly and effectively. But where’s the flair? “Go to the library and pick up a science journal,” McGarvey encouraged. “Look at the kinds of infographics you find there. Sure, they’re very informative, but they’re black and white, they’re very dense, they’re hard to read.”
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Cathy Viverette [View Image]Catherine Viverette, Ph.D.

Assistant Professor, Center for Environmental Studies

As a child, Cathy Viverette, Ph.D., spent summers along Virginia’s Rappahannock River, which fostered a dream to pursue a career that connected her to the water. She grew up to become a raptor biologist, but still harbored a desire to study rivers.
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