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Authors in Business Analytics
Last NameAuthorArticlesWorksRelated Disciplines
Liu Dapeng LiuDapeng Liu (1)1


Business Intelligence, Technology and Innovation
Satjapot Siriporn P. SatjapotSiriporn P. Satjapot (1)1


Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Health and Medical Administration, Management Sciences and Quantitative Methods, Operations and Supply Chain Management, Organizational Behavior and Theory
Abed Javad AbedJavad Abed (1)1


Business Intelligence, Management Information Systems
Blake Greyory BlakeGreyory Blake (1)1


Advertising and Promotion Management, American Film Studies, American Literature, American Material Culture, American Popular Culture, Art Practice, Audio Arts and Acoustics, Book and Paper, Business Administration, Management, and Operations, Business Intelligence, Business Law, Public Responsibility, and Ethics, Business and Corporate Communications, Contemporary Art, Cultural History, Digital Humanities, Diplomatic History, Ethics and Political Philosophy, Fiction, French Linguistics, French and Francophone Literature, Game Design, Graphic Design, History of Science, Technology, and Medicine, Illustration, Industrial and Product Design, Interdisciplinary Arts and Media, International and Comparative Labor Relations, Labor History, Management Information Systems, Marketing, Nonfiction, Other American Studies, Other Business, Other Film and Media Studies, Other French and Francophone Language and Literature, Philosophy of Mind, Photography, Poetry, Political History, Public History, Sculpture, Social History, Technology and Innovation, Television, Theory and Criticism, Visual Studies
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